From frazzled to FOCUSED.

from frazzled to focused


On Monday this week I worked with a new client.
She’s got a lot on her plate – big transitions! I’m helping her map out the stressful bits of her day, so she can approach them in a new way.

One of those things was the feeling of “Never Done.”

I suggested ONE simple thing: Prioritize.

She was running around, every day, thinking that if it was on the list? It needed done. Pronto. Stop slacking, and keep moving!

All the things on her to-do list were the same priority. From buying more toothpaste, to getting paid – all things had exclamation points of urgency in her mind.

Can you see why she felt stressed?

Can you see, because you’re doing the same thing?

Here’s the truth that she’s discovered this week:

Some things are urgent. Some things are NOT.

I asked if she would try a technique I’ve been using for several years. At the end of her day, she needed to look ahead to the next day, and choose 3 things – just 3 – from her to-do list that absolutely, positively needed to be done.

They could be business related – like sending invoices, or marketing a new offer.
They could be home related – like picking up more toilet paper, or pulling something from the freezer.
They could be self-care related – go for a run, eat a healthy lunch.

Or any mix she wanted. She could absolutely choose.

Once she selected her 3 things, everything else got pushed down on the urgency list.
Still important – but not Top Priority.

The 3 items that become Top Priority are the things you focus on. The things you make sure you get done.

Everything else? It’s just a bonus.

I’ve had people say: “I can’t do that! There is way more in my day than just 3 things!”

You don’t stop once you have the 3 Top Priority items done… you just celebrate!
Then keep moving. You don’t create 3 new Top Priority things – but you do get some more stuff done.

This gives your mind a reward for completing the things you said were important.
This builds trust in yourself, in your abilities.
This allows your mind, your anxiety, and your stress level to ratchet down enough so you feel complete at the end of your day.

So, what happened when my client tested this out?
Here’s the text I got from her today – just 3 days into her experiment:
This 3 things a day is making me uber effective.”

What’s that? Focusing on just 3 things is making her MORE effective?

That’s right. 100% Correct.

When your mind has a set target, it’s focused. It’s determined. It’s happy to have something to do with itself – and it rewards you for getting those things done. It feels good! So, you have more energy, more focus, more juice to go do more things.

It’s like a magic pill – but you have to do the work. You have to make a clear decision, telling your mind: These 3 things are important! They need done.

And your mind will work the rest out.