Walk Your Talk

Right now, all of my clients are working on building something new.

I’ve had the conversation with each of them that goes something like this:
“So, how are you going to share this new thing with the world? What’s your strategy for taking to people about it?”

Each of them, without fail, said:
“I’m going to spend some time researching how others are talking and sharing about similar things.”

My response?


No, you’re not.
That’s not research.

Part of you is stalling.
Part of you is insecure.
Part of you is curious.

But the part of you that needs a turn at the work table is the part that knows exactly what to do next, and exactly what to say.

When I tell them Nope. No research! – mostly, they feel busted… but also, relieved.

They dig in – and find out they really do have the answers – and they don’t need to go look elsewhere.

What tends to happen next is astonishing for them. They’re sending me some outstanding ideas, some clarity, and some powerful sales copy written from an inner knowing that’s magnetic.


One of the ways I want to reach out and share my coaching work is through blogging more.
I’ve got lots of resistance.
I’ve got plenty of my own blocks I’m working through.
Guess what I just caught myself doing?

Legit. I stopped myself, and sat my butt down at my desk at 10:30 at night and wrote this out, because I *almost* clicked on one of those articles that will give me 99 blog ideas* so I’ll never be at a loss again.

That’s not at all what I teach!

Not to mention I’ve got a backlog of half finished posts and a long list of blog titles I haven’t written yet.
(did I mention my resistance yet?)
I don’t actually need more ideas!

What was the lure then?
What made that post so tempting?

For one – someone else must know more about this than I do.
For two – stall. stall. stall.
For three – there’s a vulnerability to¬† sharing my work, my ideas, my way of creating success and turning inside for guidance and clarity. It’s… intimidating.

So, it’s easy to get sucked in to what seems like an easy answer, a shortcut.

But the work is almost always about getting out of your own way, and the shortest way is to go through.



*FWIW: I bet that article was phenomenal.. I bet it’s the perfect solution for someone out there, and will be a lifesaver for someone and allow them to move forward.
That’s not what would work for me, and I only know that from trying it repeatedly in my last business. Other people’s blueprints don’t move me forward at the rate I need to move because it’s simply not aligned with how I work best.


(Learning how to walk your talk includes shedding old stories. We do a lot of that in my FB group – I’d love for you to join us in The Distillery.)