Turn the beat around…

Recently, I’ve been miserable.
It was so frustrating, because I teach people how to avoid that, how to create a life they don’t need a vacation from.
And here I was, telling myself the story that I needed a vacation.
It was so frustrating, because I’d just come out of months of health and family stress, and I really thought I’d mastered this stuff.
It was so frustrating, because it felt bad every day.

Feeling bad every day = not the goal.

I messaged a friend, told her I was ‘doing all the things’ and they either weren’t working, or they felt like a band-aid.
She reminded me that sometimes you need a band-aid.

But what writing to her really did was help me see that I was totally avoiding certain things I know create clarity, healing, and make significant increases in my ability to focus, be productive and helpful. Which, in turn, increases my daily satisfaction, which creates a life I don’t need a vacation from.

Here’s how i turned it around today.
Here’s a list of the things I’d been avoiding:
Brain dump (part of the Tame Your To-Do List process)
Called my dad to check on him.
Started a client project I’d been avoiding.
Prioritized two or three things (the client project, meal planning, grocery list) over things I’d been prioritizing (certain work tasks that could wait, things I’d invested in emotionally that were out of alignment with my long term goals)

Once I’d done the brain dump, I journaled my ideal day, and that brought even more clarity, and I released my attachment to getting certain things ‘right’ (mostly parenting things).

I’m ending the day in a much better place, because I stopped avoiding looking at what wasn’t working.

What do you need to face?

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