This Morning…

This Morning...

I couldn’t get started.
I had a lot on my to do list.
I also had a pretty wide open day, without scheduled items and focus-points, or even deadlines.

I did all the basic morning stuff, but I just couldn’t get my day started.
I felt jittery, unsettled, unfocused.
I had priorities, but no motivation.

My solution?
20 minutes of calm.

I used an audio from The Chopra Center that I gifted myself.
I wouldn’t have been able to just sit this morning.
That’s challenging on my best days, and today didn’t start out as a best day.

Instead, I just listened.
And did what they told me to do.
Especially helpful today was Deepak’s reminder:
Each time you think the mantra, allow yourself to open, just a little bit more.

Just a little bit more.

I don’t meditate every day.
But every time I do, it resets me.
It restores me.