The state of your physical space reflects the state of your inner space…

The state of my room = the state of my brain = the state of my life.

Right now, there are crazy layers of stress in my life.

There’s the fall-out from things last year: keeping up with Daniel, making sure I know if he’s having symptoms, etc.

There’s the fact that the house is a mess.

There’s my somewhat neglected business because of a busy schedule the last quarter of the year.

There’s the boys busy schedule, making it hard for me to find time for myself.

There’s some family stress as two members are going through some seriously stressful times.

There’s Christmas decorations still up that need put away.

Typically, I can keep my room to a state where it can be an oasis.
Right now, that’s not happening.
There are unfinished projects.
There are baskets of clean laundry.
There are remnants of old office spaces.
There are craft supplies that don’t currently have another home.

It’s a hot mess in there.

This is a circular, cause and effect happening.

The time I thought would be here, in January, for a nice reset, to get the house and oasis back in order, and bring peace and serenity back to my brain and life; simply hasn’t been available like I’d planned. My days off have been spent out of the house, or resting to offset the physical challenges that come from high levels of stress.

I can see the impact my stress is having on my physical spaces.
I can see the impact my physical space is having on my stress.
I can see how one impacts the other in a vortex of overwhelm.

The solution is to clean and organize.
Ideally, I would spend a whole day while the boys and Mark are at school or work, just going to town.
That’s not possible right now for a variety of reasons.

So, I’m using my tools, writing a huge, specific-to-my-physical-spaces brain dump, then using that to break the tasks into smaller and smaller steps.

That way, I can make progress in the limited time I have available right now, and schedule a real day of for cleaning in a few weeks.

I need to take this huge job and break it down into manageable steps, or the vortex will continue to suck me in to overwhelm.

While Matthew did his snowboarding lesson, I did the work needed to bring some clarity and peace to this process. It’s a huge job, BUT when I break it down into it’s smallest possible steps, everything falls into place. The order things need to happen in, things that need to be done so the rest of the work can be done.
Here’s a sample of what the process looks like. This is draft one. I created 3 full pages of tasks, and then I’ll go back and create the order of operations checklist that I’ll follow over the next few weeks.
I still desire a full day alone to really dig in, but if that doesn’t happen any time soon, this Plan B will work wonderfully.

Project planningWhich makes me ask:
Is there a project or goal you’re putting off because it’s too large?
Would you like to see if it’s possible to break it down into smaller pieces so you can get moving on the right direction?

Message me at and we can take a look at new ways to approach your overwhelm.