The secret to renewing (or creating) more passion in your work

Passion Secret

I’ve been testing this theory out with several clients – what kind of daily practice helps them align with the excitement they once felt for their work? What simple step is needed to begin to maximize the passion that lives inside each of us for the thing we do in the world?

We do a short Q&A back and forth – I ask them about what makes a great day. What’s a perfect client? How do you know you’ve done a good job?

Then, it’s a process of distilling the answers down to one thing that lights them up when they work with or interact with their clients.

Here’s the big secret – it’s kinda the same for EVERY.BODY.

It’s helping.

Think about it….

When you finish off a great day, one with a sense of accomplishment – what’s one thing that’s a common thread throughout the feeling of satisfaction?


Either the progress you made was helpful to YOU, helpful to your future clients, or specifically helping your clients – the main thread that runs through a sense of achievement is helping.

How can you create a daily habit that re-connects you to how you help people?

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