the In Between

In Between


I’m in that place.

The one where I am no longer identified completely by ‘photographer’.
(not that I ever was, but it was easy to think so)

The place where I’m not yet something wholly different, and not complete into my new identity.

The place where things are uncomfortable. Unclear.

I want to rush this place. Be done with discomfort. Be whole, be clear again.

I was reminded today that’s not as helpful as it feels.

So, I’m BEING.

I’m looking around, seeing what’s here for me to notice.

Acknowledging the discomfort.

Asking what it has to show me, to teach me.

I’m looking at those places that always show back up:
Acknowledging that I have needs.
Balancing creativity and responsibility.
Allowing myself to LOVE my work.

And, I’m feeling grateful that I’m not here alone, that I have some amazing support.