Tame Your To-Do List LIVE

This is a FREE workshop available in October 2017.
Online: October 4th 10am
In-Person: October 16th 1pm

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Finding a time management system that works for you can be a challenge.
I spent years trying and rejecting different planners.
Most were too restrictive.
The more creative ones were too loose.
So, instead of relying on one planner, I made my own process.

The first time I shared it with someone, I was amazed how valuable she found it.

I mean, this was something that felt cobbled together from ‘stuff that doesn’t work’ from all the experts. It was designed to deal with the parts of me that don’t fit a mold… it was only supposed to work for me.

Turns out, it works for hundreds of people.

I haven’t shared this process with new people in almost 2 years, and I still hear from people who want me to know how much it’s helped them.

I’m excited to help others again, this time in person.

At the very least, you’ll walk away with one helpful idea from this free workshop, and I hope you join me for one of them!