Staying sane

Recently, I wrote a bog post about how this year has taught me so much about how to know your personal growth efforts make a difference. One of the pieces that helped keep me sane was to email myself during times when I was away from both my computer and my business.

Here’s a blog post I wrote during the spring, while staying at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh with Daniel…

EMail yourself to stay sane.

Things lately have been a huge storm of what the hell.

I’ve been staying in hospital rooms and I’ve driven countless hours, because Daniel’s hospital stay was 2(ish) hours south of where we live.

That makes it hard to stay on top of things, let alone FEEL on top of things.

My tried and true system for feeling in control of my life was pretty much destroyed by the whole process of getting Daniel healthy. We were in total survival mode, and my unread emails were mounting into the 100’s.

I’ve just gone through and cleared out most of them, and unsubscribed from lots of them. ( is awesome for this).

And, throughout this process, here’s what I’ve found.

Using email to stay sane works.

I’ve found emails to myself about every possible thing.

Blog post ideas.

Anger management.

Journal entries when I forgot to pack my journal.

Brain dumps.

And, going through that set of unread emails to myself has helped me see that I really was navigating well. I maintained my tools and systems for mindset and mood management – I just utilized a new tool.

How do you stay sane when your routine is disrupted?

Of course – when shit really hits the fan, you have to find your own system, your own practice that helps you navigate. I’m happy to share the things that worked for me, so you’ll have a resource and/or ideas should you need them!

(If you’re in need of a little more than a couple emails, I also work one:on:one with people on navigation skills. Take a look here. Work with Lani.