Re-Entry Checklist

Re-entry checklist

A re-entry checklist is a powerful tool to build momentum after a business break or vacation.

The concept is simple.

Before you take a break from your work, create a checklist of simple, quick, or important things that need done the next time you sit down at your desk.

This allows for a couple really good things to happen:
You can remind yourself that you’ve got a checklist, so your brain can relax a little when you’re away from work.
You waste zero time getting momentum going after a break – no more sitting at your desk wondering what you *should* be doing. You can just sit down, pick a re-entry checklist item, and get back to work.

Here’s a sample of what types of things often show up on a re-entry checklist:
A list of people to contact when you return.
A copy of your marketing checklist, and the next items on the marketing calendar.
A blog post that needs reviewed/edited.
A list of blog titles you want to write about.
A couple drafts of emails or Social Media posts that you want to use that first week back.
Your 30/60/90 day checklist.

Plus, anything specific to your immediate response/action needs – like bills that need paid, invoices to check on, or feedback you need to follow up on.

You can even write a quick summary of where you left off on a project, so you don’t have to carry that in your brain while you’re away from work.