In the last two weeks, I’ve taken an idea through ‘what do you think?’ and all the way to being ONE SEAT away from sold out.
I’m beta testing a new group coaching program, and I promoted it in a way that feels genuine and authentic. I priced it deliberately so that it’s 100% accessible.
I’m also allowing plenty of space for this thing to grow and become magic (the same way The Distillery has become magic in the last two years).
The basics are this:
One person in the group gets focused, one:one coaching each week.
Each month holds a specific theme that we dive into – all the ways these themes show up in life and business and the spaces between. All the ways we use the theme to stay on the surface of life, instead of diving deep within it and allowing it to transform us.
Every quarter, new people will join.

For this first round – there is literally ONE SEAT left.

You can go here for more details:
The Distillery Community: A Group Coaching Experience