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After things in my business slowed down so that I could deal with some family and personal health issues, it was time to re-focus. It was time to take some action steps.

Normally, when I take a business break, I’ll create a ‘re-entry’ checklist – a list of things to do when I next sit down at my desk, so that the momentum gets moving again really quickly, and I’m not sitting there wondering what I’m supposed to be doing, then clicking over to FB for a while. With the re-entry checklist, I’m able to start taking action right away.

(check back next week for what a re-entry checklist looks like!)

This time, though, it kinda all rolled in super quick-like, and I didn’t take the time to do this very important step – write out the checklist BEFORE I took the break.

So, I’m meeting with my accountability partner today, and I’ve got nothing.
No checklist, no list of things accomplished, no next steps outlined.

I did have frustration, and a complete lack of clarity.

Lucky for me, my accountability partner is brilliant, and by the end of our meeting I’ve got some amazing clarity.

Here’s what we realized together.

Of course, the main goal is to bring in some new clients – find people who are stuck and/or ready to take their business to the next level and start building clarity and momentum.

Yep – but how?

Conventional wisdom says I need to start marketing – I need to be sharing more things on social media, I need to be pushing, cold-calling, etc.

There’s not one thing there that felt like the next right step.
All of that felt like large heavy weights and like dragging myself through sand up to my waist. Good exercise, but tedious, sweaty and un-natural.

For me, right now, the shortest path to new clients is going to be re-connecting to my why. Finding that space of excitement and enthusiasm. Allowing myself to tweak an offer, find a new mindset about the work I do, and create a new way to connect me with my work again.

This needs done on a semi-regular basis during normal business operations – but it felt essential for me to do before I move on any marketing plans or strategy calls.

Here are the 3 questions I’ll be spending time with tonight:

Why do I do business coaching?
What lights me on fire about my work?
What value do I bring to the business coaching experience?

When the time comes to re-connect to my WHY, I find that journaling/free writing about these 3 questions brings my focus back into natural alignment with my purpose, my super powers, and my inner knowing.

Then, when I make an action plan, it’s one that feels amazing, exciting and powerful – the complete polar opposite of how I felt at the beginning of the meeting.

How do you re-connect to your WHY?