Live your Best Life…

When I ask potential clients what their Best Life looks like, it’s often full of ‘more money’, ‘more free time’, ‘more travel’, and other things that their current life is lacking.

That’s great stuff. I’m all for dreaming big and creating a big shift in how you show up in the world.


Here’s the thing I REALLY want potential clients to get: You have the option of living your best possible life, right now. This minute. With everything pretty much exactly the same.

You’ll still have dirty dishes.
You’ll still have laundry.
Your kids might not brush their teeth for days, even when you ask them to.
You might still be dealing with some sort of crisis.


It’s totally possible to not only be ok with all of that, it’s also totally possible for you to thrive in the middle of all of that.

Lottery winners statistically default back to their original income level, or worse. Statistics show that 70% of lottery winners end up bankrupt within 5 years.

Because change that happens without the inside shifts to support it don’t last.

If, however, you make the decision to love your life right now, dirty socks and all, something inside begins to grow and change and create a kind of safety net that no matter what the wind may blow at you, you’ll weather the storm.

Once that inner knowledge takes root, it requires just a little support to really make a difference in the way you approach life.

Things bother you less.
Life’s curveballs don’t knock you off the plate.
You might even find a kind of peace about doing dishes.

All of those smaller, incremental changes to how you think about the life you currently have begin to add up to real change. It adds up to real shifts, and those dreams that felt too big to be true originally suddenly feel not just possible, but inevitable.

I’ve seen it happen in my life, and I’ve watched it happen for my clients.

The internal support needed to navigate life feeling at peace even during challenges is cultivated over time, and the root is a kind of deep self-acceptance.

The tools needed to process old hurts, create new patterns and habits of thought, and rework your life to your liking – they all take time. There’s no magic pill, but the way it all starts to work when you work it starts to feel like magic.

If you allow yourself to get quiet, ask yourself:
What is the first step to radical self-acceptance?
Let the answer arrive. Don’t judge it.
Then, take a deep breath, and go do that.

You can create the kind of self-acceptance you need to love your life, right now, on your own.
All the tools you need are available to you.
And, if you’re ready for more support, you can message me here: