Craft a Morning Routine

One of the most valuable pieces of my day is my morning routine.
When I don’t have a chance to do it, the impact throws off my whole day.
This isn’t about doing my hair, or personal grooming – this is about grooming my mind and spirit in a way that allows me to feel connected to source throughout the day – aligned with my goals and with my intentions on how I’m choosing to be in my life.

The three elements of my routine are so simple, and it allows for maximum flexibility.
That means that I don’t do the same thing every day, because that’s not something I can realistically maintain. It’s just not in me. You can set yours up that way, but I know myself well enough that I won’t follow through.

Here are my three elements:
Spiritual Connection
Intention setting

That’s it!

Now, each of those elements above has a rotating set of tools I use, like so:
Spiritual Connection – this is to reconnect with my Big Why – the reason I get out of bed in the morning. This is a relationship with Source, with my own Divine Guidance.
The tools I use are: : Quiet/Meditation/Tapping/Energy Clearing/Going outside
Intention setting – this is to powerfully create my day.
The tools I use are: Write it down/3 Priorities/Journaling/Tame Your To-Do List process
Movement – This is to wake up my body, be present with the physical pieces of me.
The tools I use are: Stretching/Yoga/Dance/Core work/Walking/Bodyweight/Movement techniques.

This handy little resource is going to help you craft your own morning routine based on these elements.

First, you need to choose:
Will your routine be variable?
Or are you looking for the ‘ideal best practice’ for you to follow in the same way every day?
Are you able to be flexible? Or does it need to be a system?

Once you know if there’s room for variation or not, you’ll need to decide if my 3 main elements are the same as yours.

And, what’s your toolkit? What are the things that create the actual action items of your morning routine?
Would you rather include a simple self-care breakfast? Would you rather add movement later in your day? What are the elements that bring you back into alignment with yourself and your goals that you’re willing to do every day?

Make a list of the things that bring you back into alignment. Write them out. They may be tools, concepts, actions, events… once you have a list of these things that bring you back to center, you’ll start to see that they fit into categories – they link together in certain ways.
As you link them together to the core reason you do them, the core piece that you get from the action or tool, you’ll have your elements!
Allow this to develop over time.
For now, it’s enough to know what actions and tools, concepts and events bring you back into alignment with yourself.

This is the list you’ll want to choose from to get started crafting your morning routine.

Other types of elemental tools:
Reading an inspirational text
Meditation (quiet or guided)
Spending time outside
Connecting with others/family
Healthy foods
Tidying up
3 Priorities (link to blog post)

As you review your list of things that bring you back to center, allow yourself to be pulled towards 3 or 4 of them.
These are the things you’ll start with.

Trust your instincts here. You’ll be able to tweak this as you go along, but the important piece is to get started.

Once you have the 3 or 4 things that will feel good to do each day, consider the timing.
How do your mornings currently go?
Where will you make time?
Where does this fit?

(If this is making you panic – start small. Use a timer. You can do as much as 30 minutes, or as little as a single minute to begin the process of realigning each morning.)

Now you have a bit of a formula:
Tools/Elements that bring you back into alignment.
Intention to get started.

Put this into practice tomorrow!

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