Comfort Zone VS Courage Zone

There are always things we want.

New wants, desires and goals are born in us constantly.
It’s kinda one of the few things we can count on.

The trick is to be moving towards our goals, towards our desires, rather than away from them.

There is a lot of pretty language and lots of talk in the coaching and personal growth community that you can reach your goals and do it without challenges if you think positively.

Thinking positively is a big piece of the puzzle, but it’s not the whole thing.

The real truth of this is that you need to practice thinking positively while also being UNCOMFORTABLE.

Not scared.
Not powerless.
Not paralyzed.


Here’s another little known correlation:
Creativity and discomfort are often bedfellows.
Creating is uncomfortable.
Creating takes courage.

When we take risks, we need to begin to practice tools and techniques that help to mitigate that feeling of discomfort. You don’t want to make it go away – but you do want to make it your friend.

When you are able to dance between your comfort zone and your courage zone more consistently, not staying in one zone or another for too long, you’ll begin to see real progress towards your goals.

What are you ready to do that takes courage?
What are you ready to do that’s creative?
Where are you willing to be uncomfortable?