Celebrate your Achievements – A 3 Step Process

Celebrate your Accomplisments


How do you mark your business accomplishments?

One of my clients just had a HUGE WIN.

She messaged me to share that her proposal was not only accepted but it was doubled – they want her to share her genius at two different locations, over two days.



But what followed that was a conversation I have far too often.

I asked:
How are you going to celebrate?

The response from her was pretty typical:
I’m going to have to think about that….

Which means several things to me.
1. She’s not planning for the win.
2. She’s got no reward system in place.
3. She keeps moving the bar of what success looks like.

Let’s break this down a little.

So, why would you want to plan for the win?
First, let’s acknowledge that the win is special. The first client, the first YES to your program, the first share of your blog post. These are signposts – indicators that our efforts are being rewarded, that we have something valuable to share.
And, they feel GOOD. They feel amazing. The win is addictive – but it’s also a space where you can self-sabotage.
Because once you’ve got that first client, it’s easy to start looking for the next, before you acknowledge and reward yourself for the first.
Moving on too quickly dulls the shine. It makes it harder to recapture the kind of high you get, and really – that’s part of the reason we put in the effort – to help people, to create success for ourselves, and to win.
What’s a reward system for, anyway?
Oh, so many things!
It’s important to acknowledge your success. Breaking down goals into manageable steps is a sure-fire way to build momentum and not get overwhelmed, right? So each of those steps is a win… and rewarding yourself when you’ve accomplished a win creates even more momentum – all leading you in the direction of your goals.
But – let’s talk for a moment about the days when there isn’t a win. 
Let’s talk, just for a moment, about all the NO’s you’re likely to get, all the times that it seems like you can’t catch a break, and you’re slaving away and wondering if you’re making an impact or being heard.
Those days are HARD.
Time stretches, thins, and so does your patience and tolerance.

Now – let’s assume you have a little book of WINS….
You’ve just slogged through another day, and you find yourself saying:
I’m not sure I can keep going.

We have all been there. The difference between success and failure is how long you stay there.

So, you find yourself at the end of a long slog of a day (or week) and your hopes are low and you’re feeling pretty discouraged – now, you take out some kind of talisman. Something that you used to reward yourself for a WIN. A special necklace, or a piece of artwork. Hell – even a book of stickers! This talisman, this reward plugs you right back in to knowing that it’s worth it, knowing that the success you’re working toward is just around the next blog post or around the next networking event. It bolsters your confidence, and it helps you re-focus and KEEP GOING.

Rewards aren’t just for celebration – they’re powerful reminders of our own power.

What happens when you move the bar?
I love being a part of FB Business Groups. In these groups, I’m interacting with all different levels of businesses. Recently, I saw someone post their ‘goal list’ – a list of things they’re working on bringing into their life. Here’s the shocker for me: On her list of 5 things, I already had 4 of the things she’s working hard to create.
That made me pause big time.
In these groups, it’s easy for me to assume I’m ‘behind’ – people come there to celebrate their big wins, and if you’re doing these groups right, there are some BIG WINS in there, things that aren’t even on my dream board yet. (Ok, they’re on my *real* dream board – the one I haven’t even created because it feels too big, too far away.) 
But since I’m essentially starting over here, it honestly never occurred to me that I might be AHEAD of someone in the group.

And, it made me realize completely how much I’m moving the bar on myself.

Which means, essentially, I’m not acknowledging any of my own wins, my own success accomplishments. I’m not capturing the feeling of the win. I’m not creating talismans. I’m not developing my own success reward system.

So, I’m off to do that now.


Here are few ideas to get you started:
Buy a set of fun stickers and a notebook. Label each page with something you want to reward yourself for: Posting a blog, sharing a newsletter, getting a new client inquiry, building your list. Then, fill those pages up with fun stickers each time you win at that.
Create a pinboard of things you want to use as rewards.
Buy a new book.
Schedule a massage or salon appointment. (ManiPedi!)
Celebrate with friends – go out to lunch. Even take a 15 minute break and call a friend to celebrate.
Send yourself an email with the subject line: WINNING. Keep adding as you keep winning!
Big win? Purchase a piece of art or jewelry to create a talisman.

When you’re building momentum, it’s even more important to celebrate all the wins.

Here’s your 3 Step process for Celebrating your Accomplishments:

1. Plan for the win – choose your *prize* and how you’re going to celebrate before you start.
2. Create a reward system for smaller wins and being consistent.
3. Don’t move the bar! Write down your goals, and allow yourself to feel the success when you hit them, instead of moving it, or telling yourself it’s not good enough now that you’ve gotten it.