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This week…

Jan. 9th, 2016
This week in *The Distillery:

We worked on customizing affirmations, and it generated some amazing conversations. I would post an affirmation, and the members found a positive response, and a negative response. The negative response might keep someone from the benefit of the positive affirmation, so we worked on incorporating the things each person found as a block, so that the mind has less to negate, and more of the benefits can be experienced.

Here are some of the customized affirmations we developed based on members responses:

For “Anything is Possible!”
Anything is possible – but I choose to focus on the possibility where I’m a paid speaker in front of amazing women who need my message.

For “The Past is Behind Me!”
Even though my past is behind me, I take it’s lessons into all new adventures, which only increases my chance of success.

Even though the rear view mirror to my past keeps calling me back, it’s only to release what no longer serves me.

And here are the ones the group felt stood on their own as a positive, with little or no negative flip-side:
“Relationships can be harmonious!”
“I am not afraid to ask myself hard questions.”

What’s your response to affirmations? Do you find they help you shift your perspective, or do they simply annoy you as too Pollyanna?

*The Distillery is the online private group on Facebook where I curate ideas and ask questions designed to help you shed your stories and discover your true self without the bullshit. You can join us there, if you’d like!

Digital Vision Board Workshop


Join me for an afternoon of fun, philosophy and creativity… with a little technology too.

Because Digital Vision Boards are simple and easy, you can create one for a variety of different visions – I will walk you through the process of creating a clear vision for the things you want to manifest in your life – either daily, monthly, or for the entire 2016 ahead.

Using online tools or mobile apps, you’ll leave the workshop with a process for defining your vision, creating your goals, connecting what you want most to how you want to feel, and a vision board to keep it all current.

MUST bring a laptop or tablet.
(Laptop is ideal. Tablet will work, but you will need to download a (free!) app or two.)
$20 per person
Sunday, Feb. 7th
1:30pm – 3pm
Whole Foods Co-op Community Room
1341 West 26th St.
Erie, PA 16509



Sample of my Daily Vision Board:


In-progress Word of the Year Board:
GROW in progress




Hack your Holidays!


There are lots of posts online about how to hack your decorations, or lights or gift-giving – but I haven’t seen anything that’s going to help you develop a customized plan to create exactly the holiday season you want.

I’m offering a 2015 Post-Holiday Breakdown session that’s going to allow us to deconstruct your 2015 Holiday Season and build a plan to make Holiday 2016 one that is less stressful, and more focused on the things you choose as a priority.
You’ll have the resources at your fingertips to bring a powerful, creative, and positive force into your holiday next year: Your clarity, awareness, and a detailed plan of action.

Because we do these sessions between December 25th and January 7th, I’m only able to offer a limited number, and they’re priced to sell – so don’t hesitate to grab yours today.

Book your session (hack your holiday)

This idea is my magic in the world: Deeply listening to hear what you like and don’t like about a situation, then distilling, mirroring and clarifying until what you want (and how to get it) shows up in a very clear, uncompromising way.

Friends and I have been doing this for years – at the end of every summer, we break down what worked, what didn’t, and what we hope to do more of next year. It’s been a powerful tool in helping each of us create a parenting life we don’t need a vacation from.

Each session includes:
60 – 90 minutes of deep listening: me to you, you to yourself, and you to to your spirit/desire.
Questions designed to remove the story from what you  *think* you want to create, and begin to determine what is truly within your heart for YOUR holiday.
De-cluttering the experience from this year, removing the emotional charge and frustration if things didn’t go well.
Mapping and creating a new, custom structure for how your next holiday season will go.
Reminders and action steps throughout next year to really support this new belief system and create momentum going into the holiday season.

Cost Per Session:

This single session happens only once a year. We schedule no later than the first week of January so that the memories and experiences are fresh – this is vital to the process. It cannot be done later in the same powerful, effective way.

I open up my calendar between December 27th and January 7th, and walk you through the Post-Holiday Breakdown so that you can create a Holiday Breakthrough. Once my calendar is full, the doors close on this opportunity until next year.

Book your session (hack your holiday)

Tame Your To-Do List – Customized! Group Coaching Program


Tame your To-Do List(1)

Deep Dive and Customize the Tame your To-Do List Challenge!

During the first Tame your To-Do List challenge, I provided 5 simple steps for transforming your relationship with time.
Over the course of the 5 days, the group questions developed into 5 basic themes:

1. When your plan gets derailed.
2. Building your own system/making it work for you.
3. Anxiety around letting go/building self-trust.
4. Being too busy for a system.
5. Energy management

Join me for this group coaching program where we dive deeper into the 5 main areas where the Tame your To-Do List process causes questions, and customize it to fit your needs exactly.

Program Details:

Program Cost:

In this group coaching workshop, you’ll have a chance beyond the Facebook Group to get your questions answered, and create a customized plan to take back YOUR time.

Each group coaching call will cover a brief introduction, as well as a Q&A session where you are guided to a solution for your specific questions and challenges. Each call will be no more than 90 minutes, most will be around 60 minutes.

Call Details:
Mondays at 2:30 EST
Private Conference line
(details available when you register)
Call Dates:
October 19th
October 26th
November 2nd
November 9th
November 16th

(*all calls will be recorded.)

Here’s the truth about these ‘questions’: They’re not really questions – they’re mindset shifts. Which means for each of these themes, we need to get to the root of what’s causing that particular question to show up when you work on organizing and time management.
These are blocks, or another version of ‘this won’t work for me’.
And, maybe at it’s most simplified level, my Tame Your To-Do List process might not work for you – however, I believe it can work for anyone, once we figure out what tweaks we need to make to make it work specifically for YOU.

Let’s work together to bust through those challenges, the blocks you’re putting in your own way and find the right solution for your productivity challenges!

You can join this group coaching program right here!

Join Here! - Customized

Creating a life you don’t need a vacation from… Essential Elements

Create Part Two

What does it take to Create A Life You Don’t Need A Vacation From?

There are several core concepts behind creating the perfect life for you.
Each concept requires that you dive below the surface of the life you currently lead – find the things that are working, and (more importantly!) find the things that aren’t. Then, begin to take small steps to changing and aligning the things that aren’t working so that they begin to take on a new flavor, a new meaning, and slowly shift from not working to flowing.

The concepts I want to introduce you to are the Essential Elements of Creating a life you don’t need a Vacation from.

They include:






How you apply these simple concepts and the exercises I’ve developed for working with these elements are the building blocks of my coaching practice. Removing clutter, gaining clarity, finding passion, re-commitment, and making connections between the elements and all the areas of your life are the foundation of my daily, weekly and monthly practices.

Finding the sacredness of all the elements of my life creates the structure around which I spend both my work days and my leisure time. Melding the two is how I create a life I don’t need a vacation from.

Creating a life you don’t need a vacation from…

Create Post Header

My website includes this tag line for a very specific reason.
I was on vacation.
And I wanted to work.

I was on vacation, at a conference with my husband, without my kids.
I was there with much free time.
And, I enjoyed a whole lot of walks, and being outside (even though it was a little cold) and I ate some super good food, and had healthy fruit every morning for breakfast.
I treated myself.
I slept well.
I had a spa day.
I swam in some beautiful, hot spring fed pools.

And all of that was amazing.

I still had a good 2 hours a day where I waged an internal mental battle.

I had a desire to get some work done… I wanted to share with people the opportunities, the things I do in the world that light me up inside because I see them create positive changes and connections for the people I work with.
My brain though?
It was pissed.
It wanted me to RELAX, DAMMIT.
It told me that I had this amazing opportunity, in this beautiful place, and I was wasting it with *work*. It convinced me I was a work-a-holic, and that can’t be healthy. It made me wonder if I was obsessed, if I’d start to ignore my family, my responsibilities, my children if I ‘gave in’ to this need to work on vacation.

So, I fought my desire.

Which meant, that I wasn’t really doing anything helpful.
I wasn’t really relaxed.
I wasn’t really working.
I wasn’t really content.

Not for every hour of my wonderful vacation – but for enough of it that it really should have been a clue.

Once I returned from vacation, and I had some challenges getting myself back up to speed with work, I realized all of that struggle, all of that dissonance was absolutely there to teach me how to BE in the world. How to listen, ever more deeply, to MY core desires, to MY choices, regardless of what they looked like in my brain, or to the people around me.

I needed to be able to see my desires, question them, rather than just reject them. Find small ways that could allow me to be with them in easy ways so that I can trust myself, learn my natural rhythms. Be more true to the longing of my spirit.

Since the next evolution for me in my life is not the beach front property and endless wealth without  responsibilities, I needed (quite desperately!) to find the small steps, the openings, the allowings, the permission to do things the way my soul wanted me to. To find the moments (like on vacation) and tune in to the things that my desire was showing me as the right choice, and stop rejecting myself and my desires simply because that’s not how it should be done.

According to who, anyway? Where do these brain-voices even come from?

I have a few clues about where mine originated – but the truth is it doesn’t matter. 

I’ll share more about why the origins don’t matter in an upcoming blog post – but for now…

Ask yourself:

What do I desire?

What’s the thought in the way?

What small step will get me closer?

Changes. And Challenges…

photo by_ Daniel Harmon

After 5 years of working exclusively with how women see themselves, I’ve learned some things.

Women in this country, in this area, in this time, have a tremendous amount of trouble liking themselves.

They have trouble seeing themselves, their unique values, the things that make them special. 

They’ve spent years trying to fit in, only to discover that the things they’ve squashed and sheltered and denied are the very things that can make them whole.

They’re suffering: lack of confidence, lack of community, lack of purpose.

They’ve lost, almost completely, their innate sense of home.

blue line

I believe that there are two routes home.

Two ways to navigate to your truth:

From the outside in, and from the inside out. 

Photography allows me to create portals for women to see themselves differently from the outside in.

And, for me, coaching has given me the fastest, most efficient (but not always easy) route home: from the inside out.

blue line

Creating this new set of offers for my business has been a challenge, an uphill battle, a feeling of swimming through quicksand. So many things have been pulling me backwards into my comfort zone: My thoughts, my emotions, even my physical being has been in resistance to this path.

And yet.

There is a new fire inside me, that is intent on burning off the old.
There is a sense of purpose inside me, a calling, a unquenchable desire.
There is a drive that I’m able to tap into to get me past, around, under and over the obstacles in my path.

Those forces, for the first time in my life, have been stronger than the forces designed to hold me back and keep me safe.

Using the tools and skills, awarenesses and lessons of my lifetime of overcoming challenges, it’s been a whole new learning curve to present myself: flawed and imperfect, but oh, so willing. Clear, focused, and still a little unsure, but oh, so willing.

I’m willing.

Are you?

blue line

Current Offers for Lani



Spirit and Bone


As a young girl, I would escape my house that often felt tight and dark, and spent as much time as possible outside. Because we lived on some magical land: it had a small stream, privately owned woods, and bordered the state game lands.

The possibilities were endless.

Reading on a blanket in the grass.
Wading in the stream with silty grittiness between my toes.
Breathing in the sun on my face.
Dancing down the dirt lane in the rain, mud splashed up to my knees.
Drinking from an ice-cold spring, while avoiding notice of the snakes that lived there.

I developed systems for getting to the blackberries, past the thorns.
I knew exactly how far I could go before I could no longer hear my mother’s call.
I created an intricate, vast, detailed fairyland, and lived there as often as possible.
There was even this bush that grew in such a way that it had a shelter inside – a small hole of hidings where I could feel alone in the world.

As I grew, time in nature became more of a luxury than an escape. Mosquitoes find me tasty, and bugs of various natures began to be repulsive, rather than interesting. Mud made a mess, and that mess was my responsibility, among many more responsibilities.

The weight of those responsibilities caught up with me in recent years. Motherhood, house care, being self-employed, all areas where I just felt incomplete. 
I longed for the easy access to nature that my youth had allowed.
I searched my new home for spaces that allowed me to have just a fraction of the peace and serenity I’d found on that magical land.

I found a few small samples of woods where I could go and breath in the air purified by many, many trees. I smelled the damp, and the mossy.

Even there, I longed to take off my shoes and find some mud.

The healing abilities of nature are just beginning to be explored by modern medicine, but for those of us who feel the call of the woods, we need no proof.

Our spirit needs it’s natural home. It needs ripples of water, crashing of waves, sand and silt between our toes. It needs our sacred space of sun and rain.

Our bones ache with the need to feel the ground beneath our bare feet. They need the scrapes and bites and intricate dance of sun and leaf on our skin.

Our Spirit and Bone need our sacred space.

Join me this summer, in a special collaborative effort.
Carrie Hilgert has inspired a phenomenal group of female photographers to bring together women and their sacred spaces to create healing and connection, Spirit and Bone, Nature and Healing: and capture that on camera.
Across the country, women are making connections to this brilliant idea, concept, and finding photography artists to help them create magic.
From Kansas to New York, Oregon to Texas, we have created a network to capture women in nature, and create a healing experience like no other.

Calling all wild women to Spirit and Bone.

Each Spirit and Bone session is unique, but has these things in common:
$200 session fee
At least 25 digital image files.
2 hours of time with me, on location
Images captured of you in your sacred space.

A healing, creative, collaboration, including but not limited to:
A Spirit Walk.
A Soul Talk.
A sharing.
A capturing.
A Clearing.
A Healing.
An opportunity to tell your story.

If you feel called, here is how you can register:

Book Now

(other times available. email me at for more.)



In-Between Farms

In-Between Farms_0002Edit

About a month ago, I posted that I was looking for a family to take our two guinea pigs, and an acquaintance I’d only met twice messaged and said she thought they would make a good pet for her son, and a great fit for their farm, with lots of hay and kale growing there.
I was thrilled with the news, and life got busy, and I waited until hockey and birthday season were both over, then set up today as the day I’d drive them down to her farm.
In the meantime, things shifted and changed in my business, and how I was working with clients, and I wrote the post the In-Between.

I published the post, and found out later that day that it resonated with several people, including the new owners of our guinea pigs, because Jade and her husband have recently taken to calling their farm In-Between Farms.

(the Universe is a brilliant place!)

When you are building a life you don’t need (or want!) a vacation from, you may find yourself in-between a lot. The real goal then, is to learn how to love the in-between, how to foster growth within yourself, while still being in a place of acceptance, of loving where you are; AND desiring more. That’s where Jade’s farm and philosophy line up with mine.

Today, I spent the hour after pig drop off walking around Jade’s farm with her 4 kiddos, learning about what makes her passionate about her land, the farming process they use, and their goals.

And, I took photos. Of course.

Here are a few of my favorites… and I love how they highlight the fact that farms are *always* in-between.

(more about In-Between Farms found here.)

In-Between Farms_0024Edit  In-Between Farms_0021

In-Between Farms_0005  In-Between Farms_0008  In-Between Farms_0011  In-Between Farms_0012  In-Between Farms_0022  In-Between Farms_0025



the In Between

In Between


I’m in that place.

The one where I am no longer identified completely by ‘photographer’.
(not that I ever was, but it was easy to think so)

The place where I’m not yet something wholly different, and not complete into my new identity.

The place where things are uncomfortable. Unclear.

I want to rush this place. Be done with discomfort. Be whole, be clear again.

I was reminded today that’s not as helpful as it feels.

So, I’m BEING.

I’m looking around, seeing what’s here for me to notice.

Acknowledging the discomfort.

Asking what it has to show me, to teach me.

I’m looking at those places that always show back up:
Acknowledging that I have needs.
Balancing creativity and responsibility.
Allowing myself to LOVE my work.

And, I’m feeling grateful that I’m not here alone, that I have some amazing support.